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ANT Lawyers provides enterprise establishment consulting service for domestic and foreign customers as the following services:

  • To consult to establish Joint Stock Company;
  • To consult to establish One member Limited liability company;
  • To consult to establish Limited liability Company with Two or more members;
  • To consult to establish Partnership company;
  • To consult to establish Private enterprises;
  • To consult to establish Sole trader;
  • To consult to establish foreign invested company;
  • To consult to establish the parent company, corporations.

Customers procedures established in the ANT Lawyers will enjoy some preferential services such as:
1. Contents of enterprise establishment consulting service:
  • To consult legal regulation related to the establishment, operation and management of enterprises;
  • To consult to set up personnel structure of the company;
  • To consult to select types of enterprises;
  • To consult to choose the name of company (lookup and select the appropriate name as the request of customers);
  • To consult about the head office of the enterprise;
  • To consult on capital, legal capital, investment capital;
  • To consult on business lines (lines requires legal capital , professional certification or other conditions);
  • To draft legal dossiers for setting up the company  (Request for business registration, charter, founders list and other documents as prescribed by law);
  • To consult for business on tax issues, financial obligations after the enterprise have been established and the process of production and business activities;
2. Our tasks in the enterprise establishment services:
ANTLawyers will on behalf of clients to perform the following tasks:
  • Drafting and preparation the enterprise establishment dossier as regulations;
  • To apply the dossier for business and tax codes registration in the Department of Planning and Investment;
  • To monitor progress and inform regularly results to clients;
  • To obtain the Investment Certificate from the DPI;
  • Filing and registration the seal for Company at the Police Department;
  • To obtain the seal and the certificate of the seal for the Company at the Police Department;
  • To guide the customers to follow procedures in the relevant state authority (as needed);
3. Documents required to provide by clients:
  • Information requested form of business;
  • A copy of ID / passport of members / founding shareholder who is individual (notarized) ;
  • A copy of business registration / establishment decisions of members / founding shareholders who is organization.
4. Client’s benefits after establishment:
  • To be consulted and offered free the activating annual  tax dossier, records and procedures for billing the enterprise;
  • To consult the necessary tasks  of the new enterprise;
  • To consult human resources management  , provide free labor contracts and the forms of management personnel;
  • To consult the procedures for salary scale registration, the social insurance registration of company;
  • To consult on tax matters, tax refund, tax credit;
Please contact us for free advice and use the best service.

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