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Australia Initiated the Anti-dumping Investigation Against Rod in Coil Originating from Vietnam

On June 7th, 2017, the Anti-Dumping Commission of Australia (ADC) initiated the anti-dumping investigation against rod in coil originating from Indonesia, Korea and Vietnam.
At present, rod in coil is not applied tax when being exported from Vietnam into Australia.

Investigated product includes HS code: 7213.91.00.44, 7227.90.90.02 and 7227.90.90.42
The company that filed claim for investigation: OneSteels Company.
Period of investigation: 1/4/2016 to 31/3/2017.
Period of damage investigation:1/1/2013 up to present.
Dumping margin of product as allegation of plaintiff is 30,6% for Vietnam, 30,6% for Indonesia and 43,3 % for Korea
However, as preliminary calculation of ADC, expected dumping margin should be: 20,9% for Vietnam, 29,8% for Indonesia and 20,9 % for Korea
The filing party alleges that Vietnam belongs to particular market situation because of the level tax of two primary input material types, accordingly, the normal price shall be calculated by using the selling price in Vietnam but using the cost of a similar producer. The ADC may apply temporary anti-dumping measures but not earlier than 60 days since the date of initiation.
As expected, ADC shall issue Essential Facts on Sep 25th, 2017 and concerned parties shall have 20 days to comment.
The concerned parties could send the comment through their anti-dumping lawyers or law firm in Vietnam and Australia whom is familiar with the process and procedures in Australia.
In the past, Australia implemented anti-dumping investigation against this product originating from Indonesia, Taiwan and Turkey. Accordingly, Indonesia and Turkey were applied tax in 2015 but after the on review in 2016, tax has been lifted for product from Indonesia (due to causing no damage for Australian manufacturing industry).

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